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Just a brief Rant about Microsoft CLI…

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I’m currently studying for several Microsoft certifications, and I come from a Linux admin background so using the command line is not something new for me.. but I just don’t get why Microsoft makes things so un-intuitive sometimes.

For example, when configuring event forwarding, there is a command you run on the collecting compter, and a command you run on the forwarding computer to configure the event forwarding.

  • Command on the forwarding computer:  winrm quickconfig
  • Command on the event collecting computer: wecutil qc

Why couldn’t Microsoft pick one OR the other?  (‘qc’ or ‘quickconfig’). I don’t care which one they would have picked…  but with 600 pages of material to study it’s really a PITA to have to memorize differences like this.

And there are sooo many others just like this…

</end rant>