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Treadmills only log up to 99 minutes?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

As the inaugural post to the ‘Stupidity’ section of my blog —  Treadmills that only count up to 99 minutes.

I have a “treadmill desk” and I like to game while I’m fast-walking.  I’ve been slowly upping how long I fast-walk for, and today I got up to 99 minutes and… crap. The treadmill display reset to zero’s and the treadmill literally slowed down and then stopped.

I have a pretty good treadmill and thought this must be some kind of flaw, but when I started google’ing “treadmil 99 minutes” – to my surprise I learned this is actually quite common for treadmills.


With all the other electronics on a treadmill what was so hard for the manufacturers to make them count hours after 59 minutes or add an additional digit on the LED display?

The sucky part is I log my workouts in my FitBit app (I have to log it manually, since my hands are on the desk so it can’t count my steps), so I had to guess how many miles I walked in order to log my  steps/calories. I really wanted an accurate log of my longest treadmill workout ever… I guess now I’ll just have to stop the treadmill at around 90 minutes, log what I did so far, and start it over again for the remaining time :/