Easy Copy and Paste from cmd or powershell using Clip

An extremely handy but little known feature in Windows is the clip feature.

It’s actually been around for years (since Windows Server 2003) but I never saw anyone use it until very recently, and then I tried it and now I’m hooked.

It’s super simple to use, all you do is issue the regular command that you want to save to your clipboard and pipe it to clip like this:

ipconfig /all | clip


Now the output is in your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.  This is much easier than trying to copy text directly from a command window, and is especially useful for large outputs.

This also works in powershell.

(WindowsXP doesn’t include clip by default, but you can copy the binary from the system32 of a Windows 2003 server, and possibly from a new system too but I haven’t tested that.)



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